Sylviculture Activities

Forests are a complex living system, protecting our soils, rivers, and lakes, storing carbon and giving oxygen, home for wildlife, and a haven for recreation. In the last century, the forest industry has cultivated millions of foliage to convene the world’s requirement for wood. Silviculture, put simply, is the art and science of operating alongside nature to develop and maintain prolific and sustainable forestry. Silviculture guides forest growth to suit many different needs, such as escalating biodiversity and offering a lifeline to diverse species of trees, plants, and wildlife. While aiding the production of precious timber silviculture ensures growth for generations. It also focuses on making sure that the treatments of forest stand are used to conserve and to enhance their productivity.


  • Site assessment and expert guidance related to forest development.

  • Pre-commecial thinning.

  • Commercial thinning.

  • Regeneration surveys and analysis.

  • Planting trees.

  • Growth monitoring.

  • Selection cutting.