The consequences of climate change in the Acadian Peninsula

In a report in Radio Canada, a resident of Cap Bateau expresses his concern about the consequences of climate change. The citizen notes an acceleration of the erosion of his ground and fears for the value of his ground as well as the artesian well which he estimates to be at 20 feet of the edge of the cape.

This testimony summarizes the situation of many coastal landowners. If it is good to live on the water's edge, this comfort always comes with risks increasingly felt because of the acceleration of the effects of climate change.

Groupe Régenord, with the participation of its partners, studied the risk of erosion on the island of Lamèque and calculated the risk of erosion to infrastructures on the whole island including the region of Cap Bateau. The GIS data produced under this project should better help the population concerned to prepare for future risks and take the necessary actions to improve their resilience to the consequences of climate change.

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