Lamèque residents worried about their infrastructure because of the coastal erosion

In a new article on Radio Canada (The French version of CBC), residents of Chiasson office, a small coastal village on Lamèque Island, have expressed concern about the risks of coastal erosion for their properties.

Following a tropical storm that occurred this fall, the Chiasson Office coast retreated rapidly, prompting the authorities to install rip rap to protect a section of the Chiasson road.

Residents near this section of road regret that their properties do not enjoy this kind of protection and the loss of land that threatens their buildings worries them.

In 2016, Groupe Régenord studied the risk of erosion on coastal infrastructures on Lamèque Island and has already identified the aforementioned section of the road as being at risk of erosion. (see the following map).

To read the full article on Radio Canada, visit:

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