Groupe Regenord evaluates the risks of erosion and flooding in the center of the Acadian Peninsula

As part of the adaptation plan for the Acadian Peninsula to climate change, Groupe Regenord, in collaboration with the Regional Services Commission of the Acadian Peninsula and Valorès, is studying erosion and flooding risks on the region's coastal infrastructures of Saint Simon and Haut-Shippagan (NB).

During this project, which should be finalized in early 2020, Groupe Regenord calculates historical erosion rates over 30 km of shoreline and makes future projections of the shoreline position to determine the areas and infrastructures that will be at risk. erosion or flooding during the time horizons of 2030, 2050 and 2100.

The results of this study should help the community prepare its adaptation plan to climate changes, re-zonate as needed, and better help affected landowners adapt and take the necessary steps to protect their properties. The calculated erosion rates should also feed the New Brunswick provincial database.

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