After discovering that some of the most important business for bedding were closing their doors in answer to the governement initiative of reducing the Covid-19. We knew we had to help farms prosper in this crisis touching every businesses worldwide.

Need to create a healthy environment for your livestock animals? You came to the right place.


Absorb moisture & excrements from your birds and maintain a comfrotable & healthy envrionment.

Dairy Stock

Assure a clean, dry and comfortable environment for your cows, is blended with a liming agent that ensure that its pH neutral. That way we reduce harmful bacteria growth.


Reduce humidity, reduce animal risk to diseases and/or exposure,keep animal warm with  minimal labour.

Why do people wordlwide use peatbed ?

Peat Bed are cost effectives, can last for months and can be given as second life after usage as a land fertiliser. It doesn't produce dust, doesn't promote bacteria & virus growth and is highly absorbent.

In prevention to the COVID-19 : All of our solutions are delivered in sanitized bags.

I'm glad that Regenord was there for me in the time of crisis of the COVID-19. The governement had close my bedding provider and I couldn't ensure the safety of my livestock. Fortunately Regenord was there to provide peat moss bed for my farm.

Thank you Regenord !

James Dundy, Ontario


As for any business, we can't do it alone. These companies have help us create the company we are now.

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