Geomatics Engineering Consultants

Geomatics Engineering Consultants

As new technologies are becoming part of our daily life, we are also confronting new challenges such as energy sustainability and global warming. Geomatics engineers are the people well-rehearsed in the art of measuring. To make it more simple, geomatics professionals precisely map the earth’s environment using the most advanced technologies. Few people who can call the most beautiful places on the earth their offices and geomatics engineers have the privilege of saying so.


Changing conditions due to urban sprawl, as well as increasing forest fragmentation, make analysis an extremely important consideration for management, planning and inventory mapping. 



LIdar is an amazing surveying method that measures distance to a target by illuminating the target with laser light and measuring the reflected light with a sensor. 

GIS software help maximize the value of timber assets, reduce costs, and improve forest management with solutions for data collection, map analytics, and remote sensing. 

Our Partners

We believe that through strategic partnership and teamwork comes first things. We acknowledge the contribution of our collaborators and look forward to forming new business alliances. We are currently seeking companies in Biomass Recuperation, Peat Moss, Climate Change Risk Evaluations, and Forest Regeneration.

FORESTRY PLANNING to Assitance for Sylviculture Activities

We offer solutions that help you maintain the best Sylviculture Activities.

Mapping and measuring

The measuring stem diameters and mapping tree positions can also be potentially expanded for more wide-scale applications related to tree inventory and monitoring of roadside infrastructure.

Facility as builds

Once we are done with the daily gathering and surveying in the field, we take the information and begin analyzing and compiling the data. We take the raw data and create the products and the information that is needed by our clients to move their projects forward.

Oil Sands Construction Surveys

A survey is conducted to search for a mixture of mostly bitumen and water is pumped to the surface, where the water is recovered and recycled. The deposit is mined and trucked to a main processing plant.