We work closely with our customers and partners to develop innovative and custom-tailored solutions to complex world problems. Our approach consists of creating procedures that respect high industry standards so that our progress can be measured, replicable and efficient.


Groupe Régenord provides sustainable and cost effective services to transform challenges into opportunities. Where others see an end, we see a new way and an opportunity to create and innovate.

Forestry Planning

Forestry Planning

Groupe Régenord provides efficient and tailored planning to manage your territories and forest resources.

Our experience in managing more than 1 million hectares of forest over the years has allowed us to fine tune our innovative planning tools and greatly improve the productivity of the territories we manage.

Forest Inventory

Groupe Régenord provides detailed and accurate forest inventory along with an estimate of the value, the state of growth and the composition of forests.

We also identify development and business opportunities where applicable.

Forest Inventory

Sylviculture Activities

Sylviculture Activities

Being active in this sector for over two decades now, we have a proven record in Canada and around the world.

Groupe Régenord offers customized management plans, a multitude of low-cost, high performance options, and cutting-edge programs and analysis that improve the quality and health of your forest.

Data Management

Our field teams are trained to collect data with state-of-the-art tools and a methodology that reflects our high standards.

Our expertise in automating data validation, quality control and instant reporting allows us to evaluate the performance, the quality of the interventions and the progress during all the stages of the projects.

Data Management



Groupe Régenord Offers a wide range of GIS services to its customers.  Our specialists have more than 15 years' experience in this field and have conducted studies on renewable energies, the elaboration of municipal development plans, crop health monitoring...

We can help you integrate GIS in your daily practices and provide you with a powerful decision support tool.

Climate change Risk analysis

Groupe Régenord specializes in the study of risks related to climate change on on private and public infrastructures.

In the recent years, our staff has provided more than 20 coastal communities with models and projections of the flood and shoreline erosion risks on their infrastructures.

Climate change 

UAV and aerial imagerie

UAV and aerial imagery services

Groupe Régenord is a certified UAV operator. UAV technlogies presents a time and cost efficient solutions to remotely capture accurate data through aerial imagery.

UAV technologies are used in a wide range of fields such as forestry, agriculture, transportation, damage assessment, civil engineering... 

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