Forest Inventory Services

A forest inventory is also used as a synonym for forest cruise. It discerns the locality of wood and calculates its magnitude by volume, eminence, and species. It is the assessment of the resources of the forest wherewithal. Precise and up-to-date statistics are needed for a viable administration of the forests. In the present era, multi-resource forest cruises are carried out on a periodical basis to assemble information about the diverse aspects of the woods. We offer comprehensive and autonomous appraisals of forest inventories that aid you in establishing self-confidence within the industry and the investment society. Groupe Regenord has accomplished multiple forest inventories jacketing millions of hectares of terra firma. 


  • Forestry consulting.

  • Species identification.

  • Plot auditing.

  • Field technical services

  • Health and quality report.

  • Wildlife analysis.

  • Data collection and processing.