Forest Analysis

Critically and accurately monitoring the area covered by forest and its quality is very crucial in comprehending the costs of deforestation. It is significant to monitor forests on a regular or periodical basis to measure certain variables of forests like organic, chemical, and corporeal. This will aid in observing the changes over time. In the absence of vigorous statistical data, it becomes arduous to understand mislay of biodiversity and the diminution of sequestration of carbon capacity that is the outcome of deforestation. There is no exact definition of forest. It has multiple and varied definitions. There is a huge diversity in the methods of measuring the area covered by the forest. This is the very reason, that data collection methods have never been standardized.


  • Project management

  • Production of flood, erosion rate and infrastructure data.

  • Coastal flooding and erosion risk modeling and analysis.

  • Flooding and shoreline projection and mapping.

  • Assessment of climate change adaptation strategies and proposal of municipal zoning maps.