Air QTrack

Air quality management in public environments

What's the deal with Air Quality?

For decades pollutions was a matter for discussion, and this year it seems that air pollution & quality is making the headlines. So what's the deal with Air quality and why is it important, especially for this decade?

This year, with Coronavirus changing the way we live and work many thought that the virus was only passing through. However, they were sorely mistaken when a re-open school showed eclosion of hundreds of Coronavirus cases.

What was causing this? Air quality.

Research shows that air quality directly affects the transmission of viruses and bacteria.



On a global scale,

  1. Smoking, loss of life expectancy of 2.2 years; 7.2 million deaths/year.

  2. Malaria, loss of life expectancy of 0.6 years; 600,000 deaths/year.

  3. Wars, loss of life expectancy of 0.3 years; 530,000 deaths/year.

Air pollution, loss of life expectancy 3 years. In 2015, it caused 8.8 million premature deaths!

Just imagine the effect of air pollution on COVID-19 !

Source from: futura-science

What can be done ?

Introducing the Air Qtrack​​

This solution allows user to:

  1. Get air quality data in real time

  2. Invite students and all human resources to contribute to the information of the facility

  3. Bring a solution to an urgent need of good air quality within public environments

  4. Understand which sectors are at risks and which ones aren't

  5. Invest the time and money at the highest priority locations

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Each Air Qtrack solution can be rented with the option to buy and comes with its own connected geomatic system.


It's a system to monitor air quality and fix any issue.

It can and should be use in the following sectors:

  1. Restaurants & Cafés

  2. Hospitals

  3. Schools

  4. Grocery Stores

  5. Govermental institutions

  6. Small businesses

  7. And more....


Air Qtrack is a solution to better manage priorities, a solution that generates results, a solution that help us protect our children and the health of billions of people worldwide.

We have partner with worldwide leaders like Apple, Google and Bombardier and have more than 40+ year of experience. We are always searching for leaders to create the next ground breaking solution.


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