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Our projects

We specialize in regenerating and efficiently managing natural resources

Beyond Sustainability
Regenerate,captivate, and rebuild

Regenord & Beyond Sustainable Corporation partner together to specializes in regenerating the biodiversity and improving our air quality.

We develop solutions and products to guarantee the captivation of carbon within the natural materials that we use for our construction projects.

Community Development
We are creating health first while building in green environments to help people flourish while improving their community and building a better world.

We envision our Home Projects as not only a house, but a complete community that includes all the services and activities such as:


  1.  Environments that facilitate communication with families

  2. Specialized health care

  3. Built for eco-tourists

  4. Houses with clean air and free of pollutants

  5. Activities indoors and outdoors

  6. Activities that allow you to discover the world, such as home exchanges with other communities

  7. Green spaces

  8. Education activities for every generation

  9. Continuous learning directly in the community

Enjoy a healthy environment today!

The air quality inside a building must be filled with different types of good bacteria that recreate the same balance within our body as walking in nature. By keeping these bacteria outdoors and not including them in our indoor environments, we are actually hurting ourselves.

That’s why we have created a unique air quality monitoring service as well as partnered with world-leading indoor air quality monitoring systems & maintenance.

Health focused sleep solutions

 We work with leaders in the sleep industry helping them provide better sleep solutions for their clients. At the end of the day, everyone needs a good night's sleep.


BedBreeZzz helps these clients recharge their energy after a long day. They will slip away to dreamland and wake up rested, refreshed and ready to conquer another day. The same goes for our Beyonder members!


Health focused sleep solutions

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a great way to add extra living space and increase the value of your property.


An ADU is an independent living space separate from your primary residence. It can be used for family, guests, or short-term rental. If you have backyard space, an ADU is a great opportunity to expand your housing options beyond your primary residence.

Coming soon!

Housing Development
Accessible Homes For All

We develop prefabricated modular homes that can be easily assembled on-site. Our homes are designed for affordability and efficiency, making home ownership a reality for more people.


We're also tackling the housing crisis by providing an efficient and affordable way to own a home. With our modular homes, families will have the space they need to grow, without breaking the bank.

Coming soon!
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