How it all came to be...

"Regenord:  Regenerate the north"

The forests are the "lungs" of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

It was during a warm summer night that I felt it. The burning desire, the love and energy. Nature was speaking to me. All these emotions bundling inside of me, waiting to explode, should I open my mouth. A mission, a vision...It was clear...


At the time, I was but a forest engineer fresh out of  college. The happiness and excitement I felt was short-lived when I realised on the field that my work wasn’t to restore the forest but to destroy it. After a long day at work, I came home hopeless and exhausted. That's where I felt it...The vision; a world where people could live with nature instead of against it. My purpose was set. From there everything I did was to honor that chosen path. 


With likeminded people, I built Regenord. Our organization had the mission to regenerate the territories, starting with the north. We aim to be part of the leaders that take good decisions and actions for the future generations. We currently work with different sectors, from territory management to construction. We believe in maximizing materials and the strength of the wood fiber. Using our resources efficiently and differently than traditional companies. Being the avant-garde company that we are, we made sure to use the latest technologies, specializing with AI to help us learn faster and make better decisions.


The forests are the lungs of our planet, it is our duty as human beings to protect and optimize its power for a better world. 


We all have the potential to contribute to a better society, a better enrivonment for our children. I chose to harness this potential by surrounding myself with people with the same values, projects, vision and mission; those with a sustainble purpose. 


Some are followers, other leaders...which one do YOU want to be ?

- Alain Belanger, Founder and CEO

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